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What Are Scissor Lifts Used For?

Are you new to manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, construction and related industries? If so, you may not be familiar with a highly useful equipment known as the scissor lift. To help you understand what it is, its uses and the different types, we have created this 101 guide to scissor lifts.

What Is The Role Of A Rigger?

A rigger is a specialist in moving tasks that  cannot be accomplished by ordinary means. As a rigger, you would use equipment that has been expressly designed for maneuvering and lifting objects that weigh hundreds of thousands of kilograms.

What Does A Lifting Supervisor Do?

A lifting supervisor is in charge of the safe planning, control and execution of the assigned lifting operation. He or she is also responsible for producing a safe system for the work. In essence, if you are the lifting supervisor for a particular job, you will oversee all tasks and be responsible for the safe execution of the work.

What is a Boom Lift Used For?

Boom lifts are used by individual personnel, contractors and companies to reach high places for various tasks. These tasks vary depending on the intended usage; for example, electricians may use it cable repair while painters use it to reach the exterior of a multi-storey building.

What is the Singapore BCA Multi-Skilling Scheme?

The THT Academy (formerly known as Tat Hong Training Services Pte Ltd) offers various courses that count towards you becoming a multi-skilled worker and higher skilled worker. Examples include our “WSQ Supervise Safe Lifting Operations”, “WSQ Perform Rigger And Signalman Tasks” and “WSQ Operate Boom Lift” and “WSQ Operate Scissors Lift”.

How to Become a Forklift Driver?

Forklift Drivers are in Demand Through 2022, the transportation industry is expected to continue growing, leading to a demand for heavy machine operators. This includes that of forklift operators. A forklift driver is always in demand within the manufacturing, logistics and construction industries. Be it warehouses, factories, yards or construction sites, forklift drivers to be…

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What are types of training for Forklift Operators?

Safe Operation of Forklift Forklifts play a vital role in the logistics and transportation, construction, marine, and manufacturing industries. They are useful when heavy loads need to be handled and transported easily and quickly. However, if they are mishandled or used inappropriately, property damage, serious injuries or even fatalities can occur. The unsafe use of…

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Which forklift is suitable for my daily operations?

A forklift is definitely a very useful tool to transport heavy duty items and inventory around. It is indeed an important machinery around warehouses and construction sites. Having said that, forklift trucks do come in various sizes and they all have slightly different functionality. Therefore, it is important that one consider their daily operational needs…

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Welcome to THT Academy

“Dear Valued Customers, Business Partners and Associates, Thank you for your long term continuous support to THT Academy Pte. Ltd. (formerly known as Tat Hong Training Services Pte. Ltd.). At THT Academy Pte. Ltd. (THT), we seek to provide opportunities for everyone to develop one’s fullest potential in attaining the mastery of skills for our…

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