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THT Academy Pte Ltd

THT Academy Pte Ltd

THT Academy Pte Ltd(formerly known as Tat Hong Training Services Pte Ltd)

THT Academy was established in 1999 to provide various type of skilled based and knowledge based Training Services to the Industries. The objective of setting up THT Academy Pte Ltd (formerly known as Tat Hong Training Services Pte Ltd) aims to improve the safe operational practices and knowledge across the industries by training and re-training of the workforce. We strongly support the lifelong learning and re-training concept and encourage the workforce to pick up more valuable skills to enhance their employability.

Track Records

Through pass year’s records, THT Academy (formerly known as Tat Hong Training Services Pte Ltd) has successfully trained more than 120,000 trainees for Construction, Marine, Petrochemical, Logistics, Manufacturing and Sea Ports Operations Industries.

Training Methods

Training media includes Case Studies, Small Group Discussions, Visual Training Aids, Tutorial Sessions and Practical Training. Personal coaching method is adopted to ensure all trainees be able to learn and enhance the necessary skills and knowledge at the comfortable pace and environment.


Most of our trainers in the Training Centre are able to communicate with trainees in many languages and dialects. Besides English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil, they are able to communicate in other languages such as Burmese, Thai, Filipino and Bengali languages.


THT Academy is conveniently located approximately 2 km away from the Choa Chu Kang / Kranji MRT Station.

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